which incubator do you suggest?


10 Years
Aug 8, 2009
Teays Valley, West Virginia
I have never incubated my eggs although I have had chickens for many years. Thinking I'd just like to try it!

I don't really need to do more than 12 at a time, and I'd like something that turns the eggs and has an air circulator.

ALSO.. of course I want to spend as little as possible. Maybe less than $100 or even less than $75.. since I only plan to use it now and then as a hobby....

don't want to add to my flock since my roo will try to mate his daughters and that's just not right I don't care WHAT species you are! LOL! Maybe I will sell the chicks or give them to 4-H kids.
We are new to hatching ourselves but we use Hovabators 2362n. It is over the 100.00 mark but we have had good luck with it. Forced air,thermostat is reliable. We also have the 1610 turner in one and the 1611 turner in the other. We purchased a Lil Giant from our TSC but we are not impressed. It doesn't regulate well. It is a still air incubator. When I get done here I am going to order another Hovabator 2362n. Our ducks are laying 4 eggs a day so we have lots of eggs in bators and hatchers. Just our novice opinion but just like other things in life you get what you pay for. I know resale is possble I can't catch a used one when I see them for sale. Good luck.
I can go over $100 if it means that it's going to work properly. I am thinking of those little tiny incubators now.. the ones that do 6 at a time. That'd be perfect for us! Any suggestions there? We do want an auto turner and circulated air, right? For an incubator that small does the air circulation matter?
I would go for the brinsea octagon eco for $99, just in case you decide later you want to incubate more than 10. And you can always add the egg cradle later, or spend a little extra and get it for around $45? I have the Rcom king suro 20, and I like it ok, but it was very expensive, and now I wish I would have gone with the brinsea. Digital controls on the suro are nice, but my first hatch the temperature was 2 degrees off. Even with digital, you still really need to use a thermometer to make sure its correct. I have heard nothing but good things about the brinseas and $99 dollars is a good deal. I have also used hovabators, and I have never had a problem with those either.

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