Which incubator to get?

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    Mar 17, 2010
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    I have 20 hens and four roosters and by later winter I am going to start hatching my some chicks. I have some breeding ideas and I want to hatch some for meat, some to add to my flock and some to sell. This will NOT be a huge operation and is really just a hobby. Not into it for money at all. Been looking at several and I think I want an auto egg turner.

    So....what do I want and or need?

    I have the wife talked into it being my b-day/christmas present, but not wanting to spend a fortune either....please tell me everything I need to know.
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    Minimal $ decent size (42 eggs) Hovabator Genesis 1588 with auto turner... but you do have to mother it and keep tabs on the humidity.

    $$$, less eggs (20) less worry, Octogon 20 Advance Ex w/ humidity pump. Plug and play.

    I must have deleted the pics I have of it.

    I have both of the above and love both, but I don't enjoy being a mother hen over the hovabator with the humidity.

    If I had a bigger place and sufficient $$

    I'd get a GQF Sportsman 1502
    a Brinsea Ova Easy
    and a Dickey.

    and I'd have fun seeing which one did the best. They hold lots of eggs and they are pricey.
  3. rsf31tmp

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Rochester, IL
    how much are we talking?

    are you saying it holds 42 eggs, but it would do better with 20?
  4. lwarctic

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    Feb 21, 2010
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