Which is the rooster?



Walking my Chicken
Apr 22, 2020
I made a thread to see if my eggs were fertile and it turns out they are. I didn't think I had a rooster but my eggs looked like they had bullseyes on them. So now I am trying to figure out which one is thee rooster. Any ideas? I will take individual photos in the morning if needed. Thanks! By the way I think it is the brahma in the back behind the pole most of the time. How convenient.:rant

Since they're all laying or close to it, you're looking for rooster feathering. Long, curved tail feathers, and long skinny feathers right in front of the tail and on their neck/shoulders. I don't see any in these pictures, but the angles aren't good enough to be sure of all of them.
You don't have crowing? Sometimes roosters don't crow if there are other more dominant ones around, but it's hard to imagine only one rooster not giving you at least the occasional wake up call.
I don't know what a first crow sounds like but I heard like "crowing" but not quite and went out to see and one of the light bramas was crowing in front of the nesting box before he/she went in so sit on some eggs?
Your CCL's are automatically out for rooster count. Those are autosexing and don't have male patterning. Your Light brahma isn't either... so it could possibly be the RIR's or the Australorps (maybe BJG?) could be culprits but I am not seeing anything suspicious.
Beginning crows can be pretty weird and ridiculous. I had one who would end all his baby crows with a loud 'honk!' and one starting now who sounds more like a dog howling. Mostly they sound strangled. If they were doing a crowing pose, standing up and stretching out their neck, that's a good sign that they're at least trying to crow.

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