Which LF breeds eat the most and least amount


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Aug 30, 2013
Can't seem to find much on this topic. I know the standard amount usually mentioned is 100-150g of feed per day for a fully grown large fowl chicken. I guess this would also help in egg-feed ratio.

So which large fowl chickens are the heaviest eaters on a daily basis?

I would guess:

Jersey Giants?

Which are average eaters?


Which large fowls eat the least?

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Has this been discussed numerous times already? (I can't seem to find anything much)

I'm just trying to see which breeds generally give the most eggs for the least amount of food eaten besides Leghorns.
I think what you are asking is feed to egg conversion. The best way I think is to look at the breeds charts and see how many eggs they lay. They all eat about the same amount so it comes down to how many eggs they lay in their life.
Commercial crosses bred for that purpose would be my answer, White Leghorns for white eggs, and Red Sex Links for brown eggs.
Yes that's it feed to egg conversion.

I'm not sure about them all eating the same amount? I have read reviews of things like the Orpingtons and Jersey Giants, which supposedly eat huge amounts (compared to other chickens), and both of these 2 breeds are only average layers. Leghorns eat little, lay lots.

But what about all the breeds in between? Surely there must be more detail on feed to egg conversion for the various breeds?

Commercial crosses are probably very efficient eaters.
I would say that my list would be Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Dominique on the next rung below Leghorns. I can't say from personal experience since I keep a mixed breed flock though.
There won't be any studies/records on most breeds like there are on the commercial layers. Here is the page for the ISA Brown http://www.isapoultry.com/en/products/isa/isa-brown/ You may be able to find people with some breeds who have kept really good records and can give you an idea. One thing to remember is that the source of the birds, even the same breeds, is going to make a big difference also. Barred Rocks from different hatcheries, different breeders, heritage breeders, show breeders etc will all probably have different numbers.

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