Which Med to Use? Bad Wheezing/Respiratory Problem in New Silkie

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    We rescued two silkies late today, from a young man not very caring about his birds. He said both were laying regularly and acted like nothing was wrong. They might be a tad underweight. We have these 8 month old girls quarantined in the house, away from our flock - and are being careful about cross-contamination.

    One of the girls has a really bad congestion problem. The other is a little wheezy, but not nearly as bad. The first one rattles everytime she inhales and when she first got sleepy, she was really struggling to get enough air in. When she's alert - she's not as bad. She's poo-ing well, and drank some water I put electrolytes in. We gave her a little PolyViSol.

    My DH just felt like she needed some antibiotics quickly and gave her a shot of Tylan 50 - only about .30 in a 1 cc syringe, because he didn't know exactly what dosage to use.

    She's sleeping well now, with her head tucked under her wing and is much more relaxed.

    We don't know exactly what respiratory issue she has since we've only had her about 2 hours, and aren't that experienced with sick birds. Besides the injectable Tylan 50, we also have Sulmet and Tetracycline on hand, powered Tylan to mix with water and Ivermectin. Do you think we're on the right track or should we switch medicines? Can you advice what dosage/medicine you would use in this situation?

    Thanks so much!
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    You have a PM.

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