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Jun 24, 2009
which of these four pheasants are the easiest for a rookie to raise? i'm getting into pheasants and the breeder near me only has these 4:

Reeves Pheasants
Swinhoe's Pheasants
Golden Pheasants
Ringneck Pheasants

Please help!!
Actually The Goldens Are Much More Docile And Personable. And Just As Hardy As Ringnecks Tho Usually A Bit More Pricey. While I Dont Place A Higher Value On Individual Speces, If You Start With Ringnecks And Get The Fine Tuning Done At Least If You Loose A Bird Or 2 You Wont Be Loosing A Nice Ornamental Bird.
Lol leave it up to you for the right ansewer
I would have to agree with the goldens. I sold my ring necks because they were just too flighty and aggressive. I really like the reeves but they can be a little aggressive to both captor and cage mates, especially during the breeding season and I heard the silvers are similar. The goldens however seem to be very docile and get accustomed to the captor faster than the others. This is my own personal experience but I hope it helps.
Yes the Goldens.

Ringnecks are bad about pecking,unless they have lots of room, reeves the males can be hard on the hens.

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