Which one for in coop? Sand or straw?

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    Apr 22, 2011
    I'm new at this and trying to figure out which one to use. I've been using straw but heard that sand is so much better. I'd really love to hear your advice on this. Then my run just has grass in it. Is this ok or do I need to put something in there too? Thanks.

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    We use pine shavings or straw and the "deep litter" method. That way you don't need to clean the coop that frequently, and you can compost the bedding and use it in the garden. There's a description of the "deep litter" method here: http://www.betterhensandgardens.com/2010/07/28/deep-litter-healthy-chickens/ I think sand appeals to those who treat the bedding more like a catbox approach and clean it out frequently. If that makes sense?
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    If you live in the North (i.e. somewhere that is below freezing most of the winter) then sand is not usually a good option as it is wayyy cold on the chickens' feet and can tend to freeze solid sometimes.

    If you live somewhere that does not get much freezy weather, it's yer choice, I would suggest that you try straw or shavings first and see how you like them, if you are content with that then keep doing it and if not then try sand.

    For the run, see my 'fixing a muddy run' page (link in .sig below) which discusses the pros and cons of different things you can put in the run. If it's grass now, you may as well at least wait til they have eaten all the grass, let them have their fun while it lasts [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,


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