Which one is my cockerel?


Jun 14, 2016
I have four started pullets and a suspected light brahma cockerel,all 18 weeks. The eggs I'm getting are fertile, but I'm thinking the brahma isn't looking as cockerelish. No crows. I don't own any roosters whatsoever. I'm now thinking the Jersey giant.
#1 Light Brahma, suspected cockerel

#2 suspected cockerel, Jersey Giant

#3 Naked neck, suspected pullet

#4 White rock, or white leghorn or possibly hatchery Cornish suspected pullet

#5 Partridge rock, only known pullet

I'm getting 3-4 eggs a day. I know I have at least one cockerel.
All look like pullets to me.
They're old enough that, if any were indeed roos, they would have those telltale saddle and hackle feathers. Are you sure the egg was fertile? Even without a rooster, our hens still produce eggs with bloodspots or little white dots on the yolks.

No, they had that telltale bullseye. I'd try to take a picture of the eggs but my mom won't let me crack anymore. The Jersey does have some curled saddle and hackle but they are hard to see in the picture
My eggs look like this
(not my image)
Oh and the brahma was trying to crow yesterday. I was playing a crow for him, I haven't tried with the Jersey. he has tried to mount. I haven't paid much attention to the Jersey though
Alrighty I'm thinking it's the Jersey. He's got the stance and is acting more like a boy than any others. The brahma just squatted for him!
That's really, really weird, because all scream pullet to me.
Are the Giant's curled feathers long, flowing, and pointed?

Hmm.....my mom always thought light spots that had a circle around them indicated a fertile egg until we started cracking more and found that some had a dark "halo" surrounding the spot. (the latter were eggs from the cockerels' favorite hens)
I wish I had a picture to show you!

It is weird isn't it! The jerseys dies have those but they are growing in. If I lift up the main feathers there is the curly flowing ones.

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