Which pair of call ducks should I get?


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Jul 24, 2008
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Ok, I've given in to temptation, and I'm getting a couple of call ducks. I've heard that drakes are pretty quiet, but the ducks are VERY loud. Is this true? Are they loud throughout the year, or mainly during the warmer months? Are the ducks quieter if they are the single female with a male...in other words, if I get 2 ducks are they going to run me off the farm? Is it possible to just keep 2 drakes together? I don't know what to get...an actual pair (drake and duck), or 2 drakes, or 2 ducks? Please...someone help me decide!
It is true that the hen call duck is loud at times. That's how a call duck got it's name! When I get home from work, as soon as I reach the top of the drive-way the hens start and do not stop until I go out back and feed them. The males are quiet in comparison. One hen tho is not going to "run you off the farm". 30 or so, like I have just may tho..! I'd still get a pair...male and female.
Thanks KingsCalls...that helps me a lot. Someone I know has a pair of blue calls that she is going to give me.
They're about 3 months old now. I've been researching online about caring for them. Is there anything special about them that I should know about?
call ducks are great to have! we have had them before but sold off our flock this year due to someone stole several of our females and the only way we were able to get rid of the males is to sell the females with them. They can be loud but its not that bad. We have at one time 15-20. They are not as messy as a large duck and wont eat as much as one either. They are pretty fun to sit back and watch! We paid a large amount for them through some breeders in DE and NC so if you can get some free get them and dont sit on it.

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