Which roosters do I keep?

My Bagurks

Sep 3, 2020
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Hello all.
I need some opinions because I can’t make up my mind.
I currently have 5 roosters and 28 hens. I know it’s not the best ratio, but it’s been working for a while. Recently though, the hens are getting too much attention. I’m starting to notice some bald backs and bare necks. Out of the 5, 2 are fully grown and 3 are still coming into their own. Mating age, but still a lot to learn. Here are my 5 roosters.
-Benito. Speckled Sussex. Oldest and has been the alpha since he came of age. He used to be aggressive toward me and my kids but has really calmed down. Good protector of the flock.
-Juan. Benitos slightly smaller brother. Good temperament, popular with the ladies. He and Benito have separate mini flocks they free range with.
-Tanto. RIR-Brahma cross. Adolescent but huge. He still needs work wooing the ladies but he does the deed. Very nice to my kids and I. Only rooster he fights with is Sunny.
-Sunny. Speckled Sussex. Adolescent. So-so for size but not 100% fully grown. Hatched by my hens. Benito or Juan’s son.
-Neo. Speckled Sussex. Younger than sunny. Socially awkward. Benito or Juan’s son. Mother tried to cull him but I saved him. Best looking rooster out of the bunch. But socially awkward. Super nice.
I need to figure out which to keep. And it’s looking like 2 out of the 3 I hatched are roosters. So grand total 7. Tanto is a keeper. I want his lineage in my flock in the future.
Most of the flock only let Benito or Juan’s mate with them. Would this change if they were removed? Also. Sunny and Neo came from one of those hens. Is just the hen they’ve labeled as “mom” off limits for mating? Both moms laid on numerous eggs from numerous birds, so there’s no telling if they are the biological moms. You can see where I’m going with this. I want fertilized eggs, so would they be on the chopping block?
It’s a lot, I know. I’m sorry. Any help will help.

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