Which type of quail is...


9 Years
Oct 12, 2010
The quietest? My neighbors are cool, but the less noise the better, I'm sure. Right now they would just be pets, I don't know if I could kill them:(
Coturnix are not very loud, and they make nice pets! They are easy to care for and friendly/easy to handle.
I keep seven of them as pets myself, and they're cute little things.
Coturnix hens are pretty quiet. They can make kind of a purring, percolating noise, but it is not very loud at all. You don't need a male to keep them as pets and they will still lay eggs for you, just not fertile ones.
If you have a single coturnix roo, with 3-5 hens, and nothing startles them, they are generally pretty quiet. That would be the ideal setup if you are concerned about noise, but remember, that anything out of the ordinary can set them off. I mean anything...Even a different shirt/hat/etc. worn by the feed monster, the loss of a pen mate, a different color feeder....almost anything.
If you have 2,3, or more... of the same thing, then no crow can go unanswered. It's a chain reaction.

Single hens can get quite rowdy, but usually when most normal people are sleeping.
I have 12 coturnix hens and you wouldnt even know they are there! The only noise they make is at feeding time when they growl at each other
and even then, 5 ft away and you cant hear it.

Oh, adn when I had roosters their noise just blended into the general background wild bird noise but I only had a scant handful of roos. The man I got them from had dozens and WOW, they didnt half make a racket!
I have 3 jumbo coturnix roos and 3 hens.. The boys don't normally make noise at night unless I go back there near their cage. During the day you'd think it was just another wild bird. And I live in the middle of a big-ish city with one neighbors house sitting 25 feet from my quail cage, no complaints
My Coturnix Make Noise 24/7/365. When I Get Up At Night To Use The Restroom I Can Hear Them---- 50yds Away, Outside, At 2-4am Crowing. Granted Its Not Abrassive Like Guineas, Or Nearly As Loud As A Chicken Rooster, But I Can Hear Them.

My Bobs Are Sporadic At Best. Just Never Know When The Lil Boogerz Will Get Wound Up, And Like My Coturnix I Can Hear Them At All Hours Of The Day And Night When They Do Get Fired Up They Can Be Loud And Rowdy. Alos They Generally Suck As Pets Because They Are Too Flighty And Spaz Alot.

My Valleys Are Quiet As Lil Feathered Church Mice

They Simply Do What Quail Do In Peace And Quiet. They Are However 1000x's More Flighty And Spaz Prone Than Any Bob White I Have Or Have Ever Possessed.

Buttons Make Noise, But Its No Where Near As Noisy As Coturnix. They However Do Not Do Well Outdoors In Many Areas Of Our Country During The Winter Months, And Are As Spaz Prone As The Bobs...
Valley's giggle

gambles giggle until the chukars pick at them and when the gambles get fired up it sounds like a jungle in my back yard it kina depends on the individual coturnix roo some are louder then others I have a few that are kina annoying right in your ear

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