Which type of waterer and feeder...& where to place them?

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May 12, 2015
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Hello! Newbie here. I'm getting ready to move 4 week old girls to coop and run. But I can't figure out the best waterer/feeder for them (I have 6 pullets). Also...where do you put your waterer and feeder? I've heard no food in the coop, only water? Coop is not huge, but run is 10 x 10. Thx for your help!


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People put both items both places. Chickens don't eat or drink at night but will want to do both at the crack of dawn.

I prefer the white and red plastic ones you get in feed stores or off Amazon. The feeder hangs, making it easy to set it at the height of their shoulder which conserves feed (they can't scratch it out.) I set my waterers on a concrete block. If they stand on top of it, glue a funnel upside down to the top.

Feed inside the coop may encourage mice, but it needs to be kept good and dry, so you may not have a well enough protected area outdoors.

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