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    Jun 25, 2011
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    I was checking on the incubator eggs last night and got to thinking. I eggs turner really flops the eggs back and forth. They are not really turned. So I started to wonder is there a prefered position the eggs should be in for lock down? Should I lay them on their sides? Does it matter? [​IMG]

    Also a fellow south on me has a Hovobator for sale. He says it will hold 120 quail eggs. My question here is, is it the same egg holder for chickens eggs as the other? I have no interest in quails. He only want's $50 for it.
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    When they are ready for lockdown they will find a natural position if laying them on their side. Some hatch standing on end, we tried, but just lay them on their side at this point.

    I think the quail turner has different racks and will not work for chicken eggs.

    Good luck.

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