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I have 3 white leghorns and 3 golden comets. The leghorns are a week older and rule the roost at this point. The little guys scoot in and grab a treat when they can but definitely are not getting their share. I think I read somewhere that the comets will get bigger than the leghorns. If that is so, will they move up in the pecking order or will they always be shunted to the back because these guys are older.

I have to say that the comets are far friendlier than the leghorns. They like to be picked up and cuddled and talked to. The leghorns however, scream, squawk and pitch a fit when I pick them up to inspect them or just try and give a cuddle. They are just not having it!
The pecking order is a constantly changing process with those on the bottom desiring to increase their position - it will be what it wil be. I might suggest providing feed and water in multiple areas to assure that all get their needed share of the feed. The comets will grow to be larger than the leghorns. Leghorns by nature are more flighty than many other breeds.
Its not so much a matter of size as it is a matter of demeaner... Sometimes the biggest breeds are passive and gentle... They will work it out and once everyone excepts their role, they will get along fine
Thank you! I just got a bigger round, hanging feeder so they can all fit around it. When I'm giving treats, the leghorns will actually turn around and peck at the little comet who's brave enough to come forward. I've tried scooting the leghorn out of the way to give the lil girl a treat and the leghorn will peck me instead.
Lol.. Yea, sounds like a leghorn.. Good move with the feeder. Over crowding around feeders often leads to problems. Being only a week apart i wouldnt worry too much.. Just make sure nobody draws blood or everyone will gang up
I think I found a way to make friends with the leghorns. They like their bellies rubbed! Who would have thought?

They don't like being held up, but they will lay right back in my hand. I found this out while I was doing a daily "pooper" inspection. Now that their feathers are coming in, I have to flip them over to check for messes. I discovered that when I lay them back in my hand to check for stuck on messes, they just laid there. So I just started rubbing her belly and she relaxed. Tried it on another one, same thing. Awesome!

I'll have to figure out how to do it when they get too big to lay back in my hand. I've never picked up a full grown hen before.

I can't believe how fast they are growing!

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