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Nov 19, 2020
One of my chickens has what appears to be roundworms. I see several wormers recommended. Which one do I need? I have five hens, a rooster, and several pullets. I've had chickens for a few years but never wormed them. Do I worm them all and what procedure?
Do you have a picture of the Roundworm?

If roundworms are a concern, use either Valbazen or SafeGaurd Liquid Goat dewormer. Both can be obtained online, or at your local feed store. The dose for SafeGaurd is 0.23ml per pound, orally, once a day for five days. For the Valbazen, dose at 0.08ml per pound, orally, once then in ten days.

Dose in the early morning while the birds are still on the perch. Pre-fill your syringes. I use 1ml as they're are slimmer and easier to insert into the mouth. To get their mouth open, pinch the corner of their beak, or pull down their wattle. Once open, aim the syringe down the bird's right side of the mouth, push the plunger, and set the bird down.


https://www.amazon.com/Merck-Safegu...pension 10,even effective at fighting giardia.
I didn't get a picture but it looked almost identical to to this:


Is there an advantage of using one vs the other?
Looks like I can get Safeguard at Tractor Supply. Can't find Valbazen unless I order it online.

How do you weigh your chicken?
Both Safeguard and Valbazen are excellent wormers for poultry, both are benzimidazoles and they'll get rid of many types of internal worms including large roundworms as seen in the photo.
Since TSC has the Safeguard, I recommend the Safeguard liquid goat wormer. It is easier to administer it orally to each chicken rather than the paste or pellets.
You dont need an exact weight of each chicken, just an average weight, a good guess is all you'll need. Of course a heavy breed will need a little more.
https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/search/safeguard goat dewormer?

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