Which would be better as a sound an alarm type for my flock(basically a Guardian)

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Going Quackers, Oct 16, 2013.

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    May 24, 2011
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    I don't want a dog, sorry i own dogs, enough of them lol

    Want be clear i don't expect either of these to actually defend the flock or performs acts of great valence lol

    Which would be better turkeys or geese? I hear both are good at "alarming" to an issue, see the majority of my birds are Muscovy which means while the ladies do quack and various other noises generally they are not loud birds so if trouble starts, it's usually my two buffs ducks that go off echoing throughout the farm but frankly, they are so small i don't think i want to add more of them here.

    I am home the bulk of the time but the noise helps me check and sends off the current dogs, so basically i need something to alert with an actual voice, see where i am going here?

    The flock free ranges as do my big hens... any suggestions on breeds of either geese or turkeys or should i just skip the entire notion and teach the scovies to ring a bell lol [​IMG]
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    I understand that guineas are the masters of the noisy alarm, but a goose is an opponent to most.

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    Geese are far more agressive than Turkeys, but they are EXTREMELY messy also
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    I have guineas, geese, and turkeys. Guineas will alert the loudest to any new thing or anything that they 'think' does not belong: mailman, stray cats, hawks, foxes, sales people etc. They are very wary creatures.
    Geese are most aggressive but ours will not roam around with the chickens and really don't care about them.
    Our turkeys (I have 2 female Broad Breasted Bronze) will run around with the chickens and deter hawks from getting them. We used to lose several chickens from hawks. Since I got the turkeys (about a yr and a half ago) no more losses from hawks. When the turkeys see something they don't like they sound alarm and stretch their necks up to make themselves really big. We raised out turkey hens with the chickens and they are very protective of them and consider them part of their flock. I did however, have a few losses from foxes. The turkeys are afraid of them.
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    Hey GQ. I've only had geese, African and Chinese, and while they were great alarms, they were very aggressive with the ducks, to the point of attacking ducklings, and my husband too and couldn't have cared less about the chickens and ducks. They were raised alongside the other birds from a week old but they did their own thing.

    I have heard that guineas are great alarms.

    I may get more geese at some point but they will need a separate enclosure or I will need a less aggressive breed.

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