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I have 25 hens (mixed flock) and until recently only 1 barred rock rooster. He is a pretty good rooster - not too rough on the hens, not too people aggressive, and alerts to predators (got the attention of the flock and me prior to a fox attack).

2 days ago I added 2 more roosters. A yound Americuana who isn't a problem. The other is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. I paid $20 for him because I like his coloring and really wanted to add him to the flock. Upon arrival, he promptly started kicking the Barred Rock's a$$ all over the pen (18'x35'). They are outside free ranging most of the day and the Barred Rock now hangs out on the fringes and is the last bird to come in. I am concerned that the stress of the roosters fighting will impact the rest of the flock. My wife and I like the Barred Rock and don't really want to get rid of him, but what would you do:
Keep the Barred Rock and resell the Silver Lace?
Keep the Silver Lace and sell the Barred Rock?
Keep both and see what happens?
Forgot to mention that when they are not free ranging, the Barred Rock hides in the coop because the Silver Lace beats him down if he goes out in the pen.
First, I would have an expensive pot of chicken and dumplings. He is too darn mean. But, you never put breeding age roosters with new breeding age roosters. Did you quarantine the new roosters? They should have been separated for no less than 21 days to make sure they were not carrying any illnesses.
I'd resell the silver lace cause he is going to be the leader of the pack and may end up injuring the barred rock and maybe later on even beat up on the Americauna.
I (actually DH) once had to put down a SLW roo for trying to kill me and my youngest child (drew blood on him).
So you know which one I'd sell, lol!!
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I did not quarantine because a significant percentage of my flock came from the same seller. If her flock had anything, my flock already has it.

Also, the Silver Lace and my Barred Rock came from the same flock a few months ago so I was willing to take a chance on adding them. No apparent history of them fighting before.

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