whippy looking worms in freshly laid poop


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Mar 11, 2009
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Hi, my hens have had this before but now I see them again. I wormed them about 6 months ago with panacur and some of the gals had a horrible reaction to the meds. Is there any thing else that gets rids of worms. I forget what they were called but maybe roundworms.
For roundworm infestation, Wazine works fine. It's also called piperazine. It only kills roundworms, though, nothing else. Valbazen kills all worms a chicken can get and starves them out over a several day period so they don't clog the system.

If they already have worms like that, Diatomaceous Earth is probably not going to do the job. It's good for killing soft bodied bugs in feed and nests and on birds themselves, but when wet, loses much of its cutting power so I wouldn't trust it to worm birds who already have visible worm loads.
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Thanks flowerchild! I remember is isn't roundworms they have, it is most likely cecal worms. I will be treating them on a regular basis now. Thanks for the link, it is very interesting reading. I hate this part of chicken keeping. But I love my ladies.

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