White Alaskan Geese ???


10 Years
Sep 20, 2009
NE Wisconsin
A coworker has a pair of "White Alaskan Geese". She bought them at a swap meet. I cannot find any information anywhere about this breed. I went and looked at them yesterday. Never seen geese like them before. They are white, very stout, with short necks and a knob on their bills like a chinese.The gander has been acting strange. Walking backwards while bobbing his head. He is not injured. If anyone has any information on this breed or the odd behavior, please let us know. Thank you.
Feathersite was the first place I looked. Google was the second. BYC is the third place I searched. I appreciate your help Yeti. These geese have me baffled. I don't believe they are a mixed breed and are rare.
That was my first thought myself. But after seeing them, I thought they were neither African nor chinese. They are shorter, with short necks, no dew lap what so ever. They look like really big Pekin ducks with a knob.
They are definitely domestic, not wild ones. They are most likely poor quality white africans. They didn't pay much for them and somebody either invented the name or got confused. Thanks for the input everyone.
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I saw one of the catalogues (Stromberg's maybe) that had snow geese in it. I wondered if that was legal myself, but then there are domestic Canadas?
She plans on putting the gander down because of his odd behavior. Wish I knew what to do for him. Seems to be a waste. The people are very ignorant when it comes to their animals.

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