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I am looking for a White Show quality, langshan bantam hen! I am been looking for some for awhile now and I cant find any that are show worthy. I have two roosters with no hens ;(
Hi. I was wondering if you ever found the white bantam langshan hen(s) you were looking for. I was wanting to see pictures of them if you did. If not, I'd like to see pictures of your 2 roosters ... if you don't mind. I have 4 white bantam langshans - I think ... I got them at an auction & I'm just not sure. I haven't been able to find any good photos of them on the internet, so I'm not sure. Also - I don't know if I have hens or roos or both ... I am new at this though. Is there a good way to tell them apart? Do these roosters have spurs under their leg feathers? Are their combs very different? I am watching them for mating behavior (expecting that they know what they are), but I think they're a bit too young. Also - no crowing, but I have 2 big roosters (cuckoo marans and buff orpington), and only the head rooster seems to be "allowed" to crow - is that how it works? Anyway, I would appreciate photos or just some helpful description of how to tell hens from roos for these. I just don't know!
Thank you so much!

- Amy
No I still havent found any hens for my roo's. But I ended up selling one to a friend who has several roosters as well. I am going to the poultry show in January and should be able to find one then. I do not have a good picture right now as mine are in the molt right now. I am sure if you post a picture I will be able to tell you if they are indeed langshan's or not.
Hi. I took some pictures - here are a couple of them (hoping they show up - my first time to include pictures). I'm looking at them now and thinking that perhaps they are bantam cochins instead of langhans - mainly because of the combs, and they've started getting a lot heavier feathering around the thighs than they had at first. Two of them have sort of a walnut-like comb and two of them have the "normal" single comb, which is more like the cochins, right? They might be crossed up with multiple breeds too - always a possibility at an auction. Mainly, I am looking forward to getting some bantam eggs, so I at least hope that one or more of them is actually a hen! That's my primary question. I would appreciate any input you could offer. Thank you!

- Amy
They are not langshans, however they do look like cochins but I would be more comfortable to say they are mixed because of the walnut comb, the color of the legs, color of wattles, and one has a slight poof on the head. What color are the bottoms of the feet and the color of the legs? From this end one of the legs look like like a green color? If so they have EE in them.
Yes - I posted in another section (what sex / breed are these) a couple of days ago, and the consensus was that they are 4 mixed breed roosters - some cochin & probably some silkie & who knows what else. Two of them have yellow legs, one has yellow-pink legs, and one has slate-blue legs... a mixed-up crew for sure. Here is a good pic of the one with blue legs. They really are super cute, but I don't know what to do with them ... too many roosters already. One started crowing just today - so cute! Anyway, thanks for your help.

BTW - regarding your original question about finding a white bantam langshan hen - check out this webpage (from the Langshan Breeders Discussion Group on Yahoo!):


Be blessed!
- Amy

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