White BB growing faster then Bronze BB


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Jun 5, 2009
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The Bronze seems to be the leader of the pack, but now one of the whites is definitly getting bigger, but the bronze still is in charge. Do the whites grow faster then the bronze? or should they grow pretty uniform? i can not believe how much they eat and how fast they grow.
They do grow pretty fast but I would not be surprised if the whites grew faster than the bronze, just because the white are industry standard and thus more time and money has been spent on breeding them to grow faster and meatier.
I think the speed they grow is individual - I have 4 BBB - and one is bigger than the rest (tom), two are about the same size (one tom, one hen) and one is smaller than all of them (hen). They are all from the same hatch, and none seem to be bossier than the others although the biggest tom does seem to spend time away from the other 3 and seems to ''look over'' them.

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