White Cochin Bantam Hoping

Jan 10, 2022
Here is my bantam cochin, she won't put weight on her right foot, it's like she's walking on tip toes. She was treated for cocci and given sulfadimethoxine. She's now back to herself except this limp. I can't take her outside cause she will get bullied by the big girls or she will pick a fight with some of them (tough girl), so she's isolated in the house. No mites. I've started giving vitamins cause I'm not sure what's going on. Here is a video and pictures of her foot. Not sure if she broke something, I did cut all the broken feathers she had thinking that was the issue and she's still limping. No body weakness just seems like an injury and she hops all over the place

Here is a video link to see her walk:


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It looks like she might be molting! It’s completely normal for that to happen but if she is not then I’m not sure!
She is molting, I guess I will just wait it out. I see back feathers coming in and more new feathers on top of her head. Can't wait till it's over though. I am just not sure if she's in pain and if so what I could give for the pain.
I would say she's got an injury to the leg.
Have you felt to see if there's a break or any swelling of the joints?

If you have vet care and can get an xray that may help reveal the issue.

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