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Jan 18, 2013
Howard City, MICHIGAN
I am going to get 8 LEGHORN as my first chicks to raise , are WHITE leghorns often called RHODE ISLAND WHITES as a nick name ?? ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES as to raising leghorns ??
Rhode Island's and Leghorn's are two different breeds of birds they just both happen to come in white.

White leghorns are excellent layers. One of the very best in terms or egg size and laying consistency. Downside is that they are very good flyers.
I knew about WHITE LEGHORNS with large eggs & plenty of the , ( 250 - 300 ) eggs per year, do you know if other leghorns are white egg layers also ?? I know that RHODE ISLAND REDS are large BROWN egg layers , are R I Reds also broody ??
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All leghorns lay white eggs. I have found that my white leghorns lay larger eggs than my brown leghorns. As far as I know Rhode Island reds art not particularly broody. Bantam cochins and silkies are the broodiest.

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