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Apr 19, 2015
At what age do leghorn hens start laying? What should I notice when they are getting close to time to start laying? There's plenty of daylight now and the temperature has been warm since late March. I'm just waiting for them to get old enough to lay and want to know in advance what signs show when they will start to lay. Thanks in advance!
Hi Amylia. I have been waiting & waiting for my hens to lay. Sunday I got my first egg from "Betty" my White leghorn. She is 20-22 weeks. She layed one Sunday and then one again on Monday night but nothing since. I got a brown one today from my BR. She is the same age. Best wishes to you and your hens.
White Leghorns will start to lay anytime between 17 and 20 weeks of age.........The surest sign of being ready is bright red, enlarged combs and wattles.......Start them on layer feed about that age.......
Thanks for responding! Great news with your eggs! I hope you getting many more!

I've read some threads that say leghorns lay earlier in age. Some said they started laying at 16 weeks. I'm not sure if that's true or possible. But your 20-22 week od hens sound like they are in line with the laying age of other breeds.
Great info! Thanks! I'm not really sure of the age of mine, but the pullets don't have red combs and wattles yet. Combs are kind of pinkish.

There are four leghorn pullets and two straight runs-most likely Roos! They were all purchased at the same time as chicks. But here's a picture of some of the flock

Here she is right after laying her first egg. Her comb has been bright red for about 3 weeks. Looks like yours are about 14 weeks or so. Not an expert but I'm having a blast raising my five hens. :)
She's so pretty! Congrats on her first egg! Thanks for sharing! I hope mine are 14 weeks that would be great! I've had them only 39 days and they were chicks when I got them. So, I was thinking they were about 7 - 8 weeks old. But 14 weeks is great! Thanks again! And, best of luck with your flock!
My last batch started around 16-17 weeks. Once they start be ready for tons of eggs! Besides bright red combs mine always get super vocal and agitated (I call it chicken PMS). Some pullets will submissive squat when you put your hand on their back, though none of my leghorns ever did.
I have 4 white Leghorns, they were presumably all hatched the same time because we picked them up from a hatchery as day-old chicks. One start laying at 21 weeks, then one more chicken joined in each subsequent week till they are laying consistently at 24 weeks.

Mine did exhibit the maturing signs such as the red wattle, comb and face and was squatting before start laying eggs. AT 19 weeks, I switched from grower to layer feed, opened the nest box and put in a fake egg. Even though they were a bit late in laying comparing to others, I was able to squeeze in a cycle of deworm medicine just before they all laying consistently so to minimize wasting eggs.

It is recommended that chickens be dewormed twice a year (say spring and fall), give them two rounds of medication (such as 0.5 cc of Valbazen by mouth per Leghorn), 10 days apart then discard eggs for 14 more days after the last medication. That's 24 days of no eating eggs! So if your chickens haven't lay yet but close to do so, take this opportunity to deworm them.
Great information! Thanks! Mine still don't have red combs, they are pink mostly. Does that help me guess their correct age? I've gotten feedback on a forum that guessed anywhere from 6 - -14 weeks. So, I'm quite confused about their age.

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