White Orpingtons?


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
Anyone have these? Can you describe them to me as far as temperment and egg laying? And also pics would be great!
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I got four White Orpington chicks from McMurray and they are very similar in built and temperment as the Buff orpingtons.

Someone in here has some White Orpingtons.
I have one pullet from McMurray and she is very similar to the Buff's but mine is just a little smaller in size.They large a fairly large brown egg.
Thanks guys! Im getting the following from Mcmurray
2 Black Australorps
2 Red Sexlinks
2 White Orpingtons

Should be some good additions to my laying flock.
You better order more than two for any unexpected losses. I lost one Orp but it was my fault for not seeing it outside of the brooder...she escaped it and didnt find her until the next morning.
EweSheep suggests:
You better order more than two for any unexpected losses.

To all that read this forum: This is by far the best advice anyone could pass on to you.

All of the "experts" i.e. universities, breeders, etc. suggest to order and or purchase 5 - 10 percent extra. This is probably the most common mistake made by not allowing for losses. After all, this is not a perfect world we live in, and losses are inevitable. Losses occurr in all animal species as well as human beings. It is by far less stressful to deal with an extra chick or two as opposed to losing.

Please do yourselves a favor and order an extra or two and please prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of a loss.
So you guys would recomend getting at least 1 extra of each breed?
And I have a buff orp and like her a lot! Just wanted some more orps!
i ordered black australorps and white orpingtons from mcmurray

fabulous friendly birds

if i had to choose, and i wont, i prefer the australorps

still all great, though, and averaging about six eggs a week, from each bird

get a bunch of extras, figuring for losses and cockerels, sexing isnt perfect

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