white raised spots on comb? doesnt look like fowl pox no scabs-

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    I have researched for pictures on BYC search engine and looked 18 pages into this category and have still come up with nothing? I got a new EE today and of course I am quarantining her away from my other girls-I looked at her comb when I got her and noticed she had a few white spots that are raised on her-like tiny cotton balls? I mean tiny. Ill have to get a photo tomorrow but for now-Im wondering if anyone knows what it "could" be so I can research it and compare??? She's very healthy-eats like a pig-and seems very nice to hold-she's 1 yr old and came from my friend who I traded a polish roo with today. She takes very good care of her animals and never noticed the spots till I pointed them out to her. The others really didnt seem to have any?? She lays green eggs and is very pretty -minue the spots where the roo put a hurting on her:-( She will be alone for a month so Im hoping the feathers on her back will start to grow back soon. Do the "white spots" ring a bell to anyone and if anyone has photos of this or something thats familiar can you post please? thank you
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