white rock chicks--Help please

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May 5, 2010
I have had such an ordeal with our local co op and my chicks. First I didnt place an order, we only phoned to inquire about shipping and types of meat birds since we are so new to this. We decided that in 3 -4 weeks we would order a dual purpose meat bird from Freys. Well a few days later we get a call that our chicks were in. We were suprised to hear that a lady had taken them home because we were no where to be found when they came in. She was very nice to do this. That was the first problem...second the chicks were attacked by one of her puppies. This lady has no chickens of her own and she raises ducks, so she wasnt sure what she was doing but trying to help never the less. I am thankful she had the heart to take in the chicks. One chick died by her dog and one injured, the dog got 3 geese. 3rd problem...I found out last night that we got white rocks and I have no experience with them.
They are one week old and big. I have them on chick start and I am not sure what to switch them on and when???? Do they need light 24 hours a day? I decided to get the other slower growing meat birds because I am getting married at the end of July, now it looks like the weekend before my wedding I will be processing my meat. Please any help or advice will be so helpful and appreciative. Also, are there medical issues with the birds I should be aware of, I heard heart attacks are common.

What do I do next
I have just raised my first cornish rocks and they are difficult.

Keep them on 20% for the 1st 6 weeks but take any uneaten food up at night. Add Oyster shells to their food and change to layer or finisher. They will get really really big. If you don't eat by week 12 or so, they may die on their own. This happened to one of our hens who was only 9 weeks. We didn't know to take the food up and to add the oyster shells for calicum. It helps strenghten their bones so they can hold their weight on ther legs.

I have one hen and one roo that are 11 weeks. I think they are about 9-10 lbs. I am hoping I can get my hen to lay before she goes in the freezer, I would love to incubate some eggs.

Good Luck.

Thanx....it seems that everyone I talk to has a different suggestion. It is helpful to hear from others who have raised them.. Thank you Teresa. Oh by the way here is a picture of the chicks they are sooooo cute right now!!!


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Yes I did end up getting them when they were 5 days old and they are just over a week now. We have had a heat wave here in Northwestern Ontario and on this day it was almost 40 C. I was worried after I found out they were white rocks and thought maybe I shouldnt have brought them outside. They did love the grass and bathing in the sun.
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