White Rock or Leghorn??


6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
I ordered these chickens from a local farm. I ordered 23 week old White Rocks. When I got home, I discovered that they are definitely NOT 23 weeks old. Maybe 12-14 weeks?? They weight no more than 2 pounds. I have a call in to the farm and I'm waiting to hear back from them about the mistake.

Also, I'm not sure they are even White Rocks. Can anyone tell from the photo and the color of the ears?

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Nice chicken!
It looks like she has white earlobes on my phone? In which case, she's Leghorn. Also, she's for sure at the oldest 4months but I doubt that much if Leghorn. Here is one of mine. She is 14 or 15 weeks, I'd have to think about it lol. This pic was a week and a half or so ago.
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The earlobes say Leghorn but the lack of much of a comb says White Rock. Seems like when my Rocks were young, they didnt show much earlobe yet, but they did show something,.. SO I go with Leghorn.
Likely their combs will grow out as they get closer to POL. I do think they are closer to 12 weeks though.
Definitely a White Leghorn, as I see white earlobes (White Rocks have red earlobes). And I agree with you--she looks about 12-14 weeks of age.
Welcome to BYC! You have White Leghorns, not White Rocks. The breeds look very similar until you look at the earlobes. Your birds have white earlobes, making them White Leghorns. If the earlobes were red, you would have White Plymouth Rocks. I'd say that their age is around fourteen weeks old, judging by comb size and feathering. Get ready for some nice large white eggs; White Leghorns are great layers!

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