White Rock Rooster??


May 20, 2015
We have a wyandotte rooster chick and a white rock (among other female chicks) - all 5 weeks old.

I put them out in the pen for the first time today and they all loved it, but...

I noticed that the white rock and the wyandotte were really challenging each other a lot!

I question whether the white rock chick (5 weeks old) is a rooster - because it has a bright red comb and starting to get the bright red waddle and I think that might be a bit early to get if it was a female. And, he/she/it is challenging the actual male chick a lot!

What do you think?
Girls don't start developing and turning pink in the combs until they are almost ready to lay; usually at about 14 to 18 weeks. Any chick with a bright pink comb before 10 weeks old is a boy.
Dangit! We have some acreage. So what will happen when they start to free range? Will they form 2 different "flocks"? I've only got enough hens to keep 1 rooster occupied. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. If anything, the country store where I got our chicks from freely takes roosters (and hens) back... Why would they take roosters back? They always have some roosters there waiting to be bought...
A lot of people just starting out in chickens order pullets. Then, after a year or so, decide they want a rooster for their girls. Buying an adult rooster, there's a better assurance of his temperament. They don't have to wait till he's all grown up to figure out if he's going to start attacking everything in sight.
How many hens will you have? Two roosters might be fine if they get along and you have 15 to 20 hens (number varies). I would keep both cockrels until you see who's a better boy, or until one starts challenging people. Mary
Ahhh, good idea! We have 14 pullets and I guess 2 cockerels. The Gold Laced Wyandotte, as of now, seems much calmer than the White Rock cockeral. It's the White Rock that keeps starting everything for the most part... I did read about some roosters being particularly aggressive. So it makes sense to wait and see who is better. Who knows...they might just get along :)

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