White Spots on Goose Beak


Nov 30, 2015
Hello, my female African Goose acquired odd white spots on her beak this morning and I don't know what they are or how they got there. She is less than a year old and her beak is usually completely black. It is snowy and cold outside, so could it be that she is too cold? I am knew to owning geese so I would not know if this were normal or not. In the picture I circled two of the spots. Thanks!
Welcome to BYC. Have you also tried to post on the goose thread? It is under the Forum heading above at the top of the page under "other backyard poultry." I would like to help, but am not familiar with coloring of beaks on geese.
Thank you for the welcome and help!!! I really appreciate it. I just posted on that thread. Thank you so much again!!!

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