White Wyandotte + RIR cross????


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Apr 13, 2015
I have a 2-3 year old RIR roo and 1 year old White Wyandottes. What cross would this be? Sex links? I have two chicks that are 2 weeks old. They are feathering in white and a very light brown.


What about RIR and Buff Rock cross? They have brown, black and white feathering similar to my Production Reds.

From Tim's sex link info thread....

* White Wyandottes and *White Plymouth Rocks are not a good choice. They sometimes have the correct genotype to produce sex linked chicks and at other times, they do not have the correct genotype to produce sex linked chicks. If a White Wyandotte carries the correct genotype, then the male down will vary in color: whitish, yellowish or even smoky white. The females produced from a Rhode Island Red and White Wyandotte cross can also vary in color from a striped gold down into a light buff color.

So, they may be and they may not, apparently. You'll have to grow them out and see. If they are sex linked, sounds like they're both cockerels.

the other cross is not sex linked at all. Red x Buff usually turns out an orange/gold color.

Here's a link to the whole thread. Don't worry about the massive size, all the good stuff is on that first post....


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