White yogurt like subastance on my hen's vent ! help!!!


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6 Years
Jun 16, 2013
Hello everyone ! this morning I noticed that the hen that had a prolapse some time ago now has some white yogurt like substance on her rear....She had recovered from a prolapse by treating her with preparation H and by keeping her clean and keeping her from laying . Everything seemed to be going back into place and showed definite signs of improvement so she went back with her flock mates . Now fast forward to this morning and she had some reddening and some small scabbing but showed no signs of being pecked at . The substance also surrounding the vent was white and thick and of course there were feathers missing in that particular area. What should I do? I have not found a veterinarian that is "specialized" in birds .Are there any products out there I could have her ingest that may have properties of an antibiotic ?? I honestly don't want to resort to putting her down unless there is absolute nothing else I can do for her !
This sounds like pasty butt or gleet. I think it's similar to thrush. Like a yeast infection. I would definitely add probiotics. I'm not sure about the best treatment method. I'm not experienced enough. Sorry.

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