Whitesh Yoke


11 Years
Aug 6, 2008
Chuluota, FL
One of my bantam hens are laying an egg with a reallight colored yoke. It is almost a white color. Is there anything that can be done about this.
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I'm not really sure as to what would cause something like this, but I do know that yolks will get deeper in color with their diet. The richer the diet in grass and bugs the darker the yolk gets.

What is the bantams diet?? Free range??
I do let them free range most of the time. I give the a little cracked corn for a treat and table scraps. They also have oyster shell out for the calcium.
Here's a link with some information about pale yolks.

I also think there are rare instances and conditions where the pigment that usually gets passed from hen to egg that makes the yolk yellow is not passed on, thus producing a white egg yolk. This could be a genetic trait. Apparently there are places in the world where white yolk-laying hens are moderately common.

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