Whiting True Blue from McMurray



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Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
I'm considering these. Allegedly they lay large blue eggs, are "best" layers and can free range.

Does anyone have thoughts on this breed, hatchery or specifically this breed from this hatchery?

I'm not sure yet how many I would order. I'm aware of their minimums.

The only reason I chose McMurray is that they sent us a catalogue so I'm not locked in on that if somewhere else is way better.

Anyone know their sexing accuracy? I'm not fussed about extra roosters in terms of having them but I'd prefer to not pay extra for girls and end up with boys, yknow.

Anyway. I've never ordered from a hatchery before so I'm all ears.
I'm also laughing at the one review that is "my chicks died because the post office screwed up" which actually has 0 to do with McM
I’m dying at Golden Retriever being the best egg layer :lau

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