Who else got some new 2013 chicks?!

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  1. aaronri

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    Dec 28, 2012
    I'm brand new at raising chickens, and I just received my chicks from Efowl yesterday. I got 8 EE, 6 RIR, and 4 SLW. They are liking their new accommodations, and all of them are doing great, no DOA's in the shipment, and they're all hopping around and eating and drinking. Anybody else get any young'ns?

    Here's the unboxing:

    And a picture from the brooder:


    Please feel free to post pictures and videos of your latest flock additions!
  2. stephensc7146

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    Apr 4, 2012
    Southeastern, Ohio
    Congrats!! They are adorable!
    i'm on day 2 of having my chicks from Meyer Hatchery. No DOA's but one died a few hours after settling in. :( No casualties today though!
    Here they are!

    I got an assortment, so i'm not quite sure what all is in here, but I know for sure their is atleast 1 silver laced wyandotte, 1 easter egger, and 3 silkies that I ordered along with my assortment. I figured out that there is 8 polish chicks. Hopefully I have more than just one easter egger. I'm sure i'll be buying more, anyway! :)
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    Congrats guys :D

    Well today is hatch day for my Danish brown Leghorns. 13 hatched yesterday, and 10 today :D 5-6 more eggs in the incubator, waiting to hatch.
    My favourite picture [​IMG]

    And some of the gang!

    And I got 42 more eggs to put in the incubator!

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