Who else is getting rock band 2 for the PS3?

The Chicken Lady

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Apr 21, 2008
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We *probably* will...

We collect music games. We have...

- Rock Band
- Frequency (U.S., PS2)
- Amplitude (U.S., PS2)
- Gunpey (a bizarro puzzle/music game for DS)
- Band Brothers (U.S. and Japanese, I think)
- Elite Beat Agents
- Guitar Hero
- Guitar Freaks (the first guitar music game, Japan only)
- Drummania (the first drumset music game, Japan only)
- Beatmania (U.S. and most of the Japanese ones, which is A LOT)
- Keyboard Mania (a music game with a controller shaped just like a keyboard -- this game is *really* hard, Japan only)
- Pop'n Music (a very bizarre Japanese music game; look up videos on YouTube if you're interested in what this is...we have lots of versions of this game, it is extremely, extremely weird and fun)
- Pump it Up (a Korean dance game; we have the home version)
- Taiko Drum Master
- Donkey Konga
- DJ Max and DJ Max 2 (a PSP music game from Korea; great music!)
- DDR (Dance Dance Revolution, pretty much all the American ones for both XBox, PSone and PS2 and tons of Japanese ones)
- In the Groove (a dance game that is a knockoff of DDR, I think RedOctane made it; Konami sued the pants off them and you can't find this game in stores anymore)

I don't know why we don't have Samba de Amigo yet.

I think that *might* be it. You can find a lot of these games on play-asia.com.
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Cool! I almost bought some of those games for my PS2. Since I have my Ps3 I been trying to get ps3 games. I only played GH3 and GH aerosmith but that was not my cup of coffee. I am really hyped up for RB2 and will play it on medium then expert after a few weeks. How is rock band 1? I never played it. Can you add your MP3 music and use it for a song on rock band?

I should have added. I am a huge DDR freak thanks to my ex for getting me in to it. I am really hoping it comes for the PS3 soon.
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