Who goes and who stays? The Roo question..

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    I posted this question in "managing your flock" but maybe it should be here..... anyway here is what I posted.. I have to go deliver a roo soon so was looking for some advice please......... Oh my, how we get attached to our chickens.. I had 7 RIR and NH's who grew up together.. the 2 roo's got along until last week when I was given 2 new hens, barred rock and aricana..(sp?) the 2 roos went after each other to the point of drawing blood.. the calm roo, Buddy went after the more aggressive roo Frosty.. since then I have had to separate them with Frosty outside the run and Buddy inside with the ladies.. I felt so sad as Frosty walked up and down the run all day wanting to get back in.. so now, I have a home for one roo... I don't know who to give away?? The calmer roo would do better i think at a new location.. he has never charged at me.. Frosty on the other hand has become aggressive if there is more than one person around, such as me and my son.. I was honest with the new people who want a roo and they want Buddy.. I guess I am feeling torn as Buddy has made all the ladies in the coop his in the last week and should I keep him with his flock of hens?? Or consider the new people who may end up with Frosty who may turn on more than one person...???? What would any of you do?? Thanks.. Jane

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    It depends on what you are planning to do with the flock. To tell you the truth I would keep the one who looked the best, but then again im trying to get chickens that look cool lol.
    I hope you have luck on deciding on which one goes and who stays.
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    Aug 22, 2010
    In your shoes I would give Buddy to the other person as requested. It sounds like you offered them a choice. If Frosty can not be trained to stop the human aggressive behavior then it would be time to give him away w/ full disclosure or kill him. There are several good threads on how to do this -retrain, providing Frosty isn't too old. My NN roo, Oakley is very defensive of his hens, and will go at DH on occasion. What has worked to remind him, he is not boss, is walking him down, and picking him up and loving all over him, in front of his girls. He bit me a couple months back, I reached down and scratched his neck, (that soft skin on their necks is nice to pet) and he bit me, KaZaam, he is face down in the dirt and I am pinching his neck, shaking it like he was some silly poult. That doesn't stop until he completely relaxes in submission. I may not have a beak, but my weed pulling fingers are mighty strong. No more attitude. If your son is small, then disposing of Frosty might be a good idea. There are lots of good roos that need homes, there is no reason to tolerate a nasty roo.
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    Mar 10, 2011
    Oh, so sorry you have to give one away! It is amazing how attached we get!!! Do what you feel is best!!! [​IMG]
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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Thank you for your replies... I just got back from re-homing Buddy, the nicer rooster... I secretly felt like crying as I was driving him to a new home as he was my Buddy..:-( When I drove in the yard of the new home, I was happy to see a wonderful place with horses and a nice barn, fields and a pond.. and the coop is in the back of the horse barn, all new and quite the designer digs! Buddy joined 3 RIR girls and jumped right up on the roosting bar, checking the girls out and let out a good crow! We turned out the lights and he muttered his rooster sounds.. The new owners are lovely people and I felt good leaving Buddy there.. I will miss his crow, but happy to know he is in a good home... Thank you for your posts as silly as it is to some people, our chickens become part of our family... Now Frosty is back in the run and with the girls and no more roo fights.... I was glad I gave these people Buddy, the calmer roo as it was the right thing to do.. Frosty has been OK with me and we shall see if his disposition changes towards other people now that he is alone.. Thanks chicken friends!!

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