Who Has The Hovabator Turbofan?

Picture is a LG 9100 not the Hovabator they are advertizing.... the hovabator is "good" but for my money (and I have owned that bator) I would add some money to it and buy the Hovabator Gensis 1588. I sold my other Hovabator and bought the 1588. Sometimes saving a few bucks costs you in the end.
That is a new one I think. One concern I have is controlling the temps. My 1588 stays a constant set temp, but that kind has to be adjusted. You may want to check that part out. I LOVE the 1588, just set them and forget about them basically. I just candle and take out of the turner at day 18, and raise humidity and lock down. Pretty easy. Good luck with your choice. I do think there may be cheaper places to buy one though??? But I did not check the price, so maybe not. Just that MPC is usually a bit higher on chicks.


link is the manufacture's website.

I agree with Lotzahenz , I set my 1588 and other then add water every 3 or 4 days, candling on day ten, and removing the turner on day 18, I leave it be. I have not had less then 37 out of the 42 eggs set hatch out. I have done 3 hatches in mine and always the same results. I do use my own eggs with a high fertility rate.(1 roo to 6 hens) . Using the same eggs with a LG 9100 and a hovabator 2362 both with turns I had a total of 39 out of 84 eggs hatch. The results are worth the money.

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