Who has worms?

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    Okay i mean redworms. [​IMG] I can't seem to find anybody who will answer my question. Does a worm bin smell? The only place i can think to put that has steady temps, is out of the way etc... Is in one of my kitchen cupboards. Now theres the question of is that just plan gross (they will not be near food or dishes) and will they smell? I love the idea of opening a cupboard & tossing the food in. I want the worm castings and tea but not sure where else to put them.

    Would you want to eat at my house if you found out i had worms in the kitchen?
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    sorry, but I would say no to your question. but then would you want to eat at my house with four dogs? [​IMG] Up to each individual I'd say [​IMG]
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    No, they don't smell and that sounds like a good location [​IMG]
  4. I have been wondering the same thing. I only have under the sink or in a closet to put them. So I havent gotten any yet. I have no outside shed or garage. So leaves me very few places. Next year I am planning on getting a shed to put my quail in outside. One that has lots of windows to open during the day. I could put them in there. At least Im hoping for a shed..

    I have heard some where. But cant remember where. That said if you drain the worm tea out regularly. The smell would be less. But I dont know what they smell like in the first place. I would love to hear more about them too..


    I would eat at your house with you growing worms under your kitchen sink. That is if they dont stink.

    But I dont know how many people would eat at mine with how many animals I own. And they all live in the house with me.
    Fish Tanks (two-1 in kitchen-1 in living room), 4 dogs, 1 cat (but hes out mostly) and quail..
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  5. I've been in a few kindergartens with plastic bins full of worms, the kids put all their orange peels and carrot ends, etc in "the recycling bin" and the kids are cool with it. The tupperware type lids had holes drilled in, the bins are usually big ones, knee high and around 2ft by 1ft, like the kind you'd store christmas stuff in your basement with....

    One bin had a label "The Girls". The kids were very keen on "feeding the girls" after snacktime. I think the mossy dirt smell is nice. Its not foul at all. Smells like a greenhouse.
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    I used to have a refrigerator full of mealworms. [​IMG]

    ETA, in the main fridge in the kitchen.
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    Quote:I got 4 dogs and two house cats too. So yup id eat with you. My fish before they died where in there. I like the company.
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    If i used small shoe box tubs how many worms could i get? I was thinking of trade them out when its time to clean. The extra worms get to be chicken snacks. Wheres a good source to get a small amount? And would shredded paper work as bedding.
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    My daughter has a worm "farm" and it just smells like dirt. She's had it forever and thinks its cool to dump tea bags and potato peelings and stuff in there. When I was little my mom raised and sold worms to all the bait shops and they never smelled either, except the one that got full of water and the worms drowned. It STUNK!!!!!!
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    Well, I'm trying to raise worms. On my second batch and not doing all that well, so maybe you shouldn't listen to a word I say.

    I think under the sink would be better than the above cabinets and I'd go with something a little bigger than a shoe box. Something like http://www.gardenhelp.org/composting/indoor-worm-bin-in-30-minutes/. They also have some terrific commercial indoor worm bins for sale, three tier, that are really efficient in the way you can harvest the worm castings from the bottom up as the worms move up to the fresher garbage.

    If it's balanced right, it shouldn't stink. However if you put in more garbage than your particular number of worms can handle, two things can happen. #1 The worms can't keep up so then, yes, it will stink like any other old garbage or #2 because the worms can't keep up, the garbage begins to compost. The composting process produces a lot of heat and it will cook the worms.


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