Who here has served in the military or have been a former military spouse?


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Feb 13, 2011
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I want to thank you ALL for your sacrifice....I included the wives in this post, because more often than not, while the SERVICEMEMBER is gone serving somewhere..the wife is the backbone of the family...the wife makes sacrifices when she marries into the military...

THANK YOU THANK YOU current, former military members!!! Please keep my brother in your prayers; he is deployed on his first tour in Afghanistan, he has already been to Iraq twice...he has 7 kids & wife stateside...


(Yes, I am a former military wife!)...

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I've served, as have two of my brothers and my uncle, and my son is currently a recruit at Parris Island, SC. I'm blessed in that we've never lost a serving family member, and I feel for those who have. Thanks to all who serve and protect, and to the families who support them... (we need a little saluting smiley...lol)
My DH served and I was a spouse. My DD's husband is currently serving and heading for iran soon. He missed the birth of thier 2nd child, 1st halloween and x-mas with her and now will miss her first b=day to. It;s been hard on them, but dd knows that he is a hero in so many more ways then one can count. GOD BLESS all of those who not only serve but the ones who are left behind.
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DH was in the Air Force, retired in '94, before that he was in Air National Guard. We married when he was in the ANG and are still married almost 37 years later.

My biological father was a Marine, executed by Castro in the 60's at the age of 25, my adopted father was in the Navy, adopted mother in the Marines, FIL in AF, BIL in Navy, cousin still MIA, but declared dead, in Vietnam war. Long military history on all sides of the family.
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