Who hires noobs for Class A CDL?

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I am going soon for schooling to get a class A CDL to drive a big rig soon. Do you guys now any companies in the North East that hire noob drivers? I don't mind being with a trainer for 6 months to 1 year. I looked into US Xpress and CR England to start with that hire noobs with a trainer. Is there any other companies that work in North East?
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I don't think you will have any issue being a noob unless it is a union company.Those union ones are near impossible to get into unless you know the right person.

    Most companies have their web pages online.Check out what they are saying,but also look into what complaints are floating around. I looked into a few companies for my dh,and was shocked to find some companies drag their feet when paying a driver for a load.You know THEY got paid.

    Look for minimum miles per week.Time home.Benefits.Time with a trainer since sometimes you are paid a base pay that whole time.

    Whatever company you go for just remember to follow the law.Load to heavy? Trailer light out? Out of time to drive? Take care of it,because no matter what a company/dispatch says if you get busted for something they will leave you hanging.All companies keep detailed records,and those preventable mishaps follow you when you look for the next job.Follow you like a rap sheet.

    Be careful at the truck stops too.Crime is a big issue since people know truckers have cells,computers,gps...easy pickings while you are washing up or having a meal.One time my dh had 2 men jump him.Scary what losers will do for a few bucks.

    Oh and be prepared for the insanity of drivers.We all know how stupid people are on the roads these days,but it is far worse for you when you are carrying a heavy load and have little time/space to react with. I recommend dash cams to cover you.Some companies are starting to install them,but it is worth the personal expense to get your own.

    Sorry I never gave company suggestions.I know that is what you wanted,but there are so many factors involved.All have their good and bad points.You know some companies will train you.If you stay with them then you will avoid that school fee.That is how my dh did it.The private trucking school was $4k and the company school was $500 plus 1 or 2 years with them.Ofcourse that was like 10 years ago,so I have no idea what the costs and deals are these days.

    Best wishes and congrats on your choice!
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    Schneider..They offered my husband a job right out of school..
    Can also try JB Hunt ( they are jerks though)
    Martin Brower (think they are in CT) will also hire new guys as "yard guys"...(basically you drive the trucks in their ship yard and move around trailers for them) You do that job for 2 years and then they'll move you on to driving runs..
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    Mar 19, 2009
    When my brother went to a CDL school, there were representatives from several of the companies interviewing students and offering jobs. He had a choice of going to work for at least three companies. Once hired, the company he chose put him and the other newbies through an intense orientation program and then sent them out with a trainer for a few weeks before they were assigned their own truck.
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    I found this a few weeks ago on you tube, I hope it open up for you correctly, it should have all the answers you are looking for or at least give you an idea where to look since he has posted several video logs (vlogs) on several topics that should help you trying to find a school and a job.....https://www.youtube.com/user/BigRigTalk?

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