Who is dominate Roo ?!?!?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Miz Mary, Dec 11, 2010.

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    I have 2 Roo's in a pen of 6 Hens .......... I took this pic last night .. does it mean anything if one roo is roosting on the lower roost - by himself ??!!! I WANT the MF D'Uclle to be THE top Roo....but the Sebright is crowing more , acting more like the top roo ......they are all just 16 weeks .........
    The M.F.D'Uccle is tame, has a great disposition, but crows well, and is the last to go in at night after the girls ... the Sebright is flighty , loud , ......

  2. centrarchid

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    Quote:Generally with full adults, dominant male roost with adult females. Your birds not full adults yet.

    Ensuring the D'Uccle is top rooster, remove Sebright. Manipulating social structure otherwise will require measures that are hard on Sebright.
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    Sorry but you can't control their pecking order, the birds themselves will decide who is first, second, etc. As stated, if it's that important to you, remove the other roo. Otherwise, no way to control it. But, at the age they are, I'd say pecking order isn't firmly established, the boys are just coming into maturity.
  4. sourland

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    If you prefer the D'Uccle, why not simply cull or rehome the Sebright? As they mature there will be conflicts and one will assert his dominance at the expense of the other. You can assure that the D'Uccle is top bird by keeping only him.

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