Who is more likely to go broody first ?

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    Hello so I have just bought a few chickens 2 white miniature silkies 6 months old and 2 bantams one black mottled pekin bantam and a brahma type pekin bantam about a year and a half and I was wondering which one is more likely to go broody first the silkies are not laying yet but the women I bought the pekin from said she has just came of being broody but she did not give her any eggs to sit on also she said the brahma had been broody a couple of times so my question is will they go broody anytime this year or not they do free range in the day and then they are kept in a big coop at night with lighting also they have a separate coop nesting box thing also lots of other nesting boxes and stuff I have put some fake eggs in the boxes but I just do not know thanks a
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    Both of those breeds are prone to broodiness, so either can go broody at any time. Broodiness is hormonal though and hens are more likely to go broody during the Spring and Summer months, so it's impossible to predict what your ladies are going to do.

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