Who laid it? My first egg!!!!

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    Well I was beyond surprised this morning when I went out and found my first egg.
    I'll start off by saying I have possibly 3 girls of laying age, all Ameraucanas. I purchased 2x 1 year old hens 3 weeks ago. Then I have a 7 month old. The 2x 1 year olds supposedly were laying at some point this year, so when I got them, I set up a light in the coop to provide 14-15 hours of light. Never got anything but I kept the light and timer going. I know that sometimes, due to stress/new environment, they will stop laying for a while.
    Then, this last Tuesday, we got hit with a huge windstorm and lost power until last night. I never plugged the light back in (until this afternoon) because the extension cord was still in use. But considering how little light the girls were getting, I was just flat out amazed that I got an egg.
    Any guesses on which girl it was? One of the two older girls or my 7 month old?
  2. I'm going to guess its your 7 month old. The egg is a little on the smallish side...but a very nice egg! The 7 month old will be less affected by the change in daylight and begin laying where the one year olds will probably take a break.
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