who laid these eggs?


6 Years
Mar 14, 2013
I have several different breeds of girls. Recently I have been getting a 4th egg a day.. only it has changes color and size? Looks different everyday all week..
top left to right are my normal eggs from my older girls, which I got these today. Include SLW, black star, and turken. Bottom row is the wierd 4th eggs.. first one I seen my buff orpington lay on monday.. these other two were yesterday and last one todays 4th eggs. Are these all from my buffs? Is ot normal to have so much difference in each one. I have 6 buff orpington pullets and 3 white rocks which are only 14 weeks old. Im confused!
To KassyC88.....I had a bunch of Black Australorps from McMurray's that laid the really long eggs for about 2 months and then returned to normal oval deep brown...Maybe diet?...Do you feed a lot of corn ?..Seems like the shape returned to normal when they were let outside on green pasture...
No corn in their diet they free range and have access to layer feed and oyster shell. It ended up being a double yolker:)

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