Who laid this red egg?


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
North GA
We had our first egg from one of our chicks today!

Lucille, our older cornish cross, has been laying pretty regularly since June. But this is the first egg we've had from one of the girls we've raised from 3-day-old chicks, who are now just under 21 weeks.

In the pic below, the two eggs on the left are from Lucille -- the first, I suspect, is a double-yolker. The one in the middle is an average sized egg. The one on the right is the mystery egg, which could have come from a barred rock, a silver laced wyandotte, an araucana, or a RI red...or possibly our tiny silkie girl, but I doubt it. Any ideas which one it could be?

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I suspect one of the Reds too -- I did see one of them trying to get into the nest box last night. She didn't do it very well, lots of wobbling and shuffling around, but maybe she figured it out sometime today.

Thanks all, for the nice compliments on the egg! It really is a pretty one. DH found it today and wanted to surprise me with it when I got home from work, but he was so excited he had to tell me about it on the phone before I even got there.

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