Who layed this egg?


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
I have three age groups. The oldest group are Black Sex Links and all lay brown eggs. I have an Easter Egger in that group, and she lays an off white egg. The 'teenagers' group consists of 2 barred rock, one columbian wyandotte, 2 New Hampshire, and the rest are Rhode Island Reds.

These two groups are the only ones mature enough to lay. The teens haven't started laying, but they should be laying any day now. Today I found a small, broken blue/green egg in the coop! Not the big girls and the teens free-range together.

Who in the heck laid this egg??? I thought the breeds of the teens all laid brown eggs? The baby group was out some yesterday, but the egg wasn't there then. That group is a crazy mix I hatched from BSL bred back to BSL. They are mostly EE's.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
I think you need to go back to the dictionary and refresh your thoughts on EE chickens... I've seen some EE lay white eggs, but not very many.. About 2/3 of them go green/ blue, and the rest brown.

It also can take a while for a pullet to develop her true colors. Your EE may in fact be an EE, and it took her this long to develop her squirt guns...

Now when we come into the BSL x BSL, there should be no way possible for you to create EE babies-- just crossed up BSLs. So therefore, they are not mostly EE.

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