Who sells eggs? Is it possible to make any money doing this?

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    I have been reading a lot of posts, and getting ready to start our own chicken adventure after we get our new house sometime next month. I was hoping that we were going to get to the point of maybe making about $200 a month selling chicken eggs. Is this even possible?

    Do any of you sell your eggs? How much do you get per dozen? Do you sell them directly to the consumer, or does anyone have an agreement with a local market, etc? I know that all areas of the country are different, but I thought I'd see what your experiences have been.

    I know we are going to love our chickens. My DH will love them even more if they earn their keep. We are getting 8 acres and a big red barn, so we are hoping to supplement our income as we get established. My kids are very young, and I'm looking forward to all the learning opportunities they will have growing up on a "farm."

    Thanks for any input!
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    Apr 14, 2008
    In MI you can sell them off your property without any real regulations up to a pretty large number. In mid-MI you may not get a huge amount of money for them. For farmer's markets you are supposed to fridge them at 45 or lower, but I always see them on the table. About $2 doz in a rural community, but she doesn't sell out.

    Um, other pointers...

    You can buy hatching eggs at MSU $5 dozen.
    Make a business plan if you want profits.
    Consider getting odd colored eggs to set yourself apart. Greens, blues, dark browns.
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    Well, yes, it is possible to make money selling the eggs. But it all depends on how much you charge. I have been lucky and signed a contract with a small grocery store and a mom and pop resteraunt, plus friends and work associates. I pretty much brake even. It also depends on how many hens you have for 200.00 a month, you will need quite a few hens. It also depends on how many others around you are raising chickens and selling eggs, and just remember it takes awhile for the eggs to be large enough to sell them for the good price.

    Advice time - If you think you are interested in selling eggs, put a sign out on the driveway to see if you have anyone interested, you can also sell them at the local farmers market, but that cuts into your proffits... I will be happy to talk to you if you would like about ways of going about selling eggs and what is needed to do so. You need to check with you local and state laws... there is alot to doing this.

    Even though we have several chickens, I still love each of them, and yes, some more than others. Just remember to not get so big or so many that it is a burdin/business that you stop caring.

    If you want to talk more... you can reach me under this same name at AOL. Myself or my husband will be happy to give you any information you would like on selling.

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    Jun 26, 2008
    I was not able to give my excess eggs away but my friend, who had the exact same type of eggs as me, was able to sell his and had to get some eggs from me to fill all the orders. I did not understand why this was so at the time.

    Apparently if you offer something for free or a low price people will assume that your product has no value.

    Have you ever gone to one of those home parties in which women sell some type of product? The other women will snatch these items up but the items are really no different or better then Walmart's less expensive items. The difference is that the customers assume that something expensive is worth more.

    A lot of people don't realize that charging too little is as bad as charging to much.
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    $200 PROFIT a month. That's alot of eggs. Selling $200 worth of eggs not alot of eggs.

    We sell ours locally to friends for $2-3/dz. Depends on the size of the eggs. We sell enough to break even on feed and maybe go out to lunch once a week.

    To get $200 a month with no consideration for expenses:

    $2/dz = 100dz = 1200 eggs
    1200/30days = 40eggs/day

    So you would need more than 40 hens to get your 100dz/month. Thats alot of chickens. Now if you try to offset the feed expense you probably need to double the number of chickens.

    You can make money but it still takes work.

  6. SundownWaterfowl

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    I charge $3.00 a dozen. You mean eating eggs right? If you sell hatching eggs, you can make a lot more.

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