who would have thought she'd die like this?


9 Years
Sep 15, 2010
yesterday i went to a Minn. swap meet, got 2 snowy hen ducks and a young (teenage) sizzle... put them all in the same carrier. the ducks came from a different farm than the sizzle, yet she must have gotten attached to those ducks on the hour ride home. She followed them around the farm occasionally but not all the time.
tonight she followed them in the kiddie pool and drowned.
found her too late, nothing i tried revived her.
wouldn't have considered that a chicken would blindly follow a duck into water.
Wendy'sChicksRock :

I'm so sorry..

thanks. at least I didn't have enough time to get tooooo attached to her. But kinda....​
I had this happen before when I raised 8 mallards, 1 golden campine and 1 EE. The golden campine went up the duck ramp to the pool and got in. I saved her the first time, just barely. Then she did it again about a week later and I didn't get to her in time. She was about 3 months old at the time. Chicks a lot of times 'accidentally' fall into water bowls, pools, etc and it doesn't take long for them to drown. I always put a rock or similar object in anything over 2 inches deep around young chickies. Sorry for your loss
great advice. i actually did have a ramp IN the pool at one time when my drake was somehow injured and couldn't swim very well or get out very well. Have to wonder if i had left that in there if she would have found it in time.
I will put it back for the other young chicken i have running around.
thank you.

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