Aug 10, 2019
I get home from church today and AJ (oldest dd) made a comment about momma accidentally pushing Turtle into the water and that AJ was going to take Turtle if momma did not go and warm Turtle. So I decided to look in on them and sorta shut momma and Turtle in the shed. I didn't shut the door all the way so she came back out with Turtle following. *Sigh*

I was on the search for a key and only looked it the kitchen window a few times to check on them.

Weird, Turtle is very restless. Laid down, got up, repeat several times. Then Turtle got up and walked towards the shed where the twins were laying. Umm.. I'm not sure that's safe since he's only 23 days old. Ok.. keeping an eye on them. I thought maybe he needed water and the puddle is his only source at his level. All other water is taller than what he can reach. So I find a small plastic container and take him some water. He's very excited to drink and momma was not too happy at first. But again he was lay down, stand up, repeat.

He continued to drink and it started coming out his nostrils. Ok.. a little odd. Oh wait, those are slimy not just water. I snatch him up and go to AJ and say something's wrong with Turtle. A lot of slimy water out his nostrils now. She grabs him and gently pushes what's in his throat out of his mouth. Oh boy.. there was a lot of food in there. She did this three times. And he was better after that. How scary! He was not able to breathe and when I have him water he tried to push it through, but instead it got worse. Glad I decided to go outside and pay a bit of attention to Turtle.

Now I know what it looks like when he eats too much and drinks too little. AJ says he eats too fast and too much at times and the sit and stand is the result. He's trying to move the food through by laying on his belly and then standing and stretching out.

Silly duckling!!
I am glad you dislodged that feed if he was clogged up. You say it was in his throat? Poor baby couldn’t breathe? Glad she was able to help. You have to be very careful doing that so he doesn’t bring it up and some goes into his lungs.
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